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Turn about would be fair play.

What if all business people who are not in the category of screaming, evangelical, racist, homophobic, discriminating, misogynistic Christians refused to offer their business services to all right-wing deplorables and evangelical Trump supporters because it’s against their closely-held religious beliefs? You know as well as I that business would come to a screeching halt. Those screaming-meemies would howl their bloody heads off that it was discrimination, against the Constitution, that their rights were being taken away, it was un-American. Most of these obnoxious people really don’t have “closely-held religious beliefs.”  If they did, they would be living lives of charity, good deeds to all, feeding the poor, helping the sick and not discriminating as to who they interact with…………. you know, like normal people of all faiths or no faith do.

No, what they’re really saying is, “I hate people who are different from me and I don’t want them to enjoy the freedom and liberty that I enjoy. I’m a White Christian and I am better than anyone else. All others don’t belong in the United States.” That’s really the message that underlies their hatred, their narrow-mindedness, their misplaced sense of superiority. Most have never read their bibles. They see quotes taken out of context and parrot the viciousness of those who spread such dreck. It wouldn’t be a mistake to call them “fake Christians.”

But if all that they scream about was turned on to them? Would they fold up like a used napkin? Surely, turn about would be fair play. Somehow, though, I don’t think it would be a lesson learned.


This country- then and now

I was brought up in a city that was multi-ethnic: different religions, different cultures, different languages — Jews, Christians, Italians, Latinos, Eastern Europeans, etc.  We all got along. We went to school with each other, we played with each other, we worked together. We shared the city.  As a young kid, I thought that was the way the United States worked.

As I got older I saw how wrong I was. And because I lived in several different states as an adult, I saw, firsthand, how racist, anti-semitic and just plain mean people were to “others.”  But it wasn’t as widespread as it is now. In the last several years, race, religious and cultural hatred has escalated into murders, bombings and general mayhem. And the current U.S. administration (read Trump/GOP) condones all of it. In fact, in my opinion and in the opinion of the millions who have critical thinking skills, it has had a hand in instigating it and bestowing its blessings on the violence.

The destruction of civil rights, the rule of law, and the tenets of the U.S Constitution has been planned, in my opinion, not only by the imbecile in the White House and the Republicans in Congress but with the full cooperation and guidance of those in power in Russia (read Putin.) This administration is the antithesis of what the United States is supposed to be. It has now become a third world country, being led by an unintelligent but sinister, revenged-filled fawning parasite who stupidly thinks he has a brain but, in fact, has proved time and time again how easily he is being led around by the nose. There are a lot of things I would wish to befall this oversized, pea brain, foul-mouthed piece of dreck but seeing him and his minions being arrested for treason would be the most satisfying.

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Songs in our book of life

I continue to write about how I’m getting through the grief of losing my husband. It’s been over eighteen months and the trek is still quite difficult. This is my latest installment. For earlier posts, check the blog archive on the right of the page. I bet my thoughts echo many of yours – those who have gone through this horrendous experience. My heart goes out to all of you.


My journey through hell……

I don’t remember when last I posted anything here but I’ve been trudging through hell since I lost my Beloved. I’ve written over 40 blog posts about this journey and writing about how I feel and what this horrible journey is like has been cathartic for me. I’ve been told that my writings about this may help others who are traveling this path. The newest entries are at the top but they begin in April of 2017, if any of you want to scroll down to there to begin or go to the right and click on the April 2017 date. Feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments, especially if you, too, have been traveling through this kind of hell.


My journey through grief

In April of 2017, I started writing blog posts about what I was feeling as my husband was fighting a severe diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. He had been fighting it for some time and I felt the need to write down my thoughts as we trudged down the road together. I continued to write after he passed away because writing became a compulsion, was cathartic and a way for me to scream without actually doing that. I posted those blog entries on Facebook and Twitter and found that they helped others who had gone through a similar experience. A year has just gone by since my Beloved passed away but I will continue to write about this since time doesn’t heal anything. It just teaches us how to live with the pain.

So, to those of you who might happen on this page and either have gone through what I did or know someone who has, perhaps you will find some comfort knowing you are not alone in what you feel, that I have echoed your own thoughts or you can share this with someone who needs to know they don’t walk down this road by themselves.

The newest posts are at the top so to begin the story, you’ll have to scroll down to the April 23, 2017 post entitled “Why I’ve Been Quiet.” Wishing you peace.


I chose this life

I have been writing blog posts about the terrible situation that invaded our lives. Cancer really sucks. My latest post is the first link below. The second link will take you to the many posts I’ve written about this beginning in April of 2017. To those of you who have suffered the terrible loss of a loved one, perhaps some of my words will sound familiar and help.

A bit of our love story……..



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A shattered life

My life has been shattered. Since April 23rd of this year I have written many posts about what has affected my family and me through the illness of my husband and his subsequent passing. The posts seemed to flow out of my head and heart almost like a compulsion. I’m walking down a terrible, complicated road as are so many others in like circumstances. The feedback I’ve received on these posts seem to echo others’ feelings who have gone through similar times. So, I’m posting the link to my blog posts with the hope that those of you who may be going down that road may find my thoughts mirroring yours and perhaps get some comfort in knowing you’re not alone.