A Fanfest for the Phoenix Mercury: the 2014 WNBA Champions

It’s difficult for me to wait for the next WNBA season.  But this year’s sendoff was spectacular.  Find out about it at the link below.



View from a Phoenix Mercury fan

I am an intense fan of the Phoenix Mercury, the best WNBA team in the country.  Here is how I really feel about this team:



Will my voice be heard?

I just wrote the following to my two senators, John McCain and Jeff Flake, both Republicans from Arizona.

Please vote Yes on Senate Joint Resolution 19.

My voice is not being heard because I don’t have the billions of dollars that corporations do to buy your votes. Corporations are business entities. They don’t breathe, they don’t consume food. They are NOT HUMAN. I have a well-functioning intellect so don’t condescendingly throw back at me that corporations are people. The Citizens United ruling was a skillfully crafted underhanded deal to put power in the hands of the wealthy, leaving the rest of us to be screwed out of our rights in a democracy.

It’s time for you to show some backbone and understand we don’t want to live in a plutocracy. It’s time to kill Citizens United. Do you have the guts to do what’s right for the people?

We the who?

Gawd, I don’t know how my head just doesn’t explode every time I read ANYTHING that exhales out of the mouths of so many absolutely idiotic Republicans/Tea Party morons. They simply do not understand how easily the wealthy lead them around, stuffing nonsense and lies into their already intellectually-deficient brains.  So I vent on a blog.  Writing it all down sometimes closes down the dread I feel about the future of this country.

So, here it is.  See if you agree with what I wrote about.  Let me know if you think there’s any hope that true democracy will prevail.