My best job

When I was in high school, so many years ago, opportunities for females weren’t prevalent as they are now and have been for a few decades.  I was steered toward the teaching profession and got my B.A. in Education from a fine state college in Massachusetts.   I taught in Massachusetts, California and Connecticut and enjoyed most of my teaching experience because I loved what I taught, how I taught it and was so gratified when I saw my students’ faces light up with understanding.

Several years later I decided I wanted to do something else so I went to broadcasting school.  I landed a radio news broadcasting/reporting position and went on-air at a local station in Connecticut.  By the end of my very first news broadcast, I was, literally, out of breath. But, it was smooth sailing after that. I reported live from the field; I reported hourly at the top of the hour and was able to do some special programming, too. I covered politics and even had an exclusive interview with the then governor of Connecticut, Lowell Weicker, Jr.

I then went to another station and became the host of a new talk show while being the administrative assistant to the advertising manager.  During the run of the show (2 1/2 years) I interviewed different people every day.  What a wonderful experience that was!  I interviewed Connecticut’s US Senator Joe Lieberman, US Representative Sam Gejdenson, authors, musicians, singers, representatives from every social service agency in the county, immigrants, newsmakers, a sculptress, artists, even an inventor who brought his “inventions” to the studio and described in great and funny detail how they worked! My audience loved it.

My most poignant time with the show was the week devoted to teenage suicide.  Several had occurred in the region and I felt the need to bring it out in the open.  I had a panel of suicide counselors from the local hospital and agencies devoted to the problem along with teens who were friends of those who were gone. At the end of the week I think my audience had a much more complete understanding of factors that teens grapple with which may bring them to the brink.  We provided important and vital information to the listening public.

And then, the station was sold and local talk radio was gone from the area, replaced by canned music brought in from somewhere else.  Sigh!  I have wonderful memories from my stint doing the talk show, though.  It was THE MOST fun I had working and wish that I could have done it for a longer prior of time.


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